5 Easter Décor Ideas that Ooze Elegance

What’s your plan this Easter? Whether it’s to kick back solo or with friends, Easter décor will definitely add a touch of pizzazz to your holiday. Check out these superb ideas for elegant styles that float our boat and promise the same for yours!

Floral meadow linen

Nothing brings the theme of a season out more than a delightful set of table linen. Dress your table with this before setting your china and silverware on it and watch the drastic transformation of your space. Accentuate with other pieces of your choice to bring out the Easter spirit and by all means, enjoy your holiday!

Floral wreath china set

Floral wreaths are a go-to for many occasions. Instead of decorating your household with the traditional ones this Easter, try having them on your dinner plate! Spice your table up by layering these with plain colored or gold-rimmed salad plates and bowls for a perfectly sophisticated look.

Bring out your diffuser!

Modern diffusers are no longer the hideous-looking kerosene-powered orbs that kept you on your toes for spillage. They’re stylishly crafted and electric-powered, each with a unique decorative accent. From porcelain to reed and plastic material, there’s a variety of diffusers to choose from today. Bring out your diffuser this Easter and change the mood in your house as the smells of spring waft through.

Embossed glass baskets

During Easter, sweet treats are a hit with adults and children alike. Indulge your sweet-toothed guests with an assortment of treats this holiday. Go all out with embossed glass basket centerpieces for a spectacular display of your treats.